COMMUNITY Group is embarking on an innovative new project designed to help increase the exposure of physical activity and wellbeing in the lives of learners.


Southend RFC's community department provider has launched a seven-page Educational Solutions brochure aimed at education providers across the country.


Community Group’s objective is to make a difference in support of our communities. In partnership with education providers, they want to give pupils access to opportunities both now and in the future.'


Their Educational Solutions brochure includes seven supporting solutions, all with the objective of achieving the following:

  • Improved Attendance
  • Behavioural Change
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • 60-Minute Daily Exercise
  • Coaching Support and Education


Schools, regardless of size and status, play a crucial role in support of their communities. They have the ability to increase people's exposure to physically active lifestyles through sporting, wellbeing and community programmes.


This in turn helps to support the full range of the physical and mental health benefits we know to be so closely aligned to physical activity.


Community Group's Educational Solutions consist of:

  • Clubs – Breakfast, Lunch and After-School – click HERE to find out more
  • Schools Coaching – click HERE to find out more
  • Rugby Reading Champions – working with the National Literacy Trust – click HERE to find out more
  • Primary School Sports Activities – click HERE to find out more
  • Camps At Schools – click HERE to find out more
  • Rugby Teams Support & Coaching – click HERE to find out more
  • SEN/PRU – click HERE to find out more


Southend RFC's Community Department already works with 4 schools, and Community Group is looking to further expand its reach. The experienced and knowledgeable group of coaches within the club's department will deliver Community Group's Educational Solutions to a high standard.


Matt Price, Founder of Community Group, said: “At Community Group, we aim to play an important role in improving and engaging lives through the introduction of regular sport and physical activity. We appreciate that schools can face barriers at times and it’s not always easy to see the right step forward. At Community Group, we help schools take those steps forward the right way, helping to build a sustainable future for all.”


If you are interested in finding out more, please click HERE to access Community Group's Educational Solutions brochure.



If you have any questions, please email or call me.


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