Wed 13 Feb 2019 17:40

Successful rugby clubs are more than just victorious teams on the pitch. Players and coaches are vitally important but so are the many dedicated volunteers who work hard behind the scenes to help our and many other clubs, function.

You don’t have to be a rugby expert to get involved. Whether you’re a current player, someone whose hung up their boots or you’ve never played rugby before, you could be a valued rugby volunteer.

Here at Southend, we are lucky to have a number of very hard working, dedicated volunteers, from all sections of the club, but none moreprevelant than the many parents and guardians involved, ensuring our kids and age grade rugby is operating as required.

Many parents who “got involved” to help out are now qualified coaches, team managers, first aiders and referees, as well as then going onto take on roles within more managerial roles within the club and its volunteer structure.

As the section develops and grows, we always need more volunteers to undertake the numerous tasks required if we are to provide the best and safest environments in which our players can participate. Similar can be said of the overall club and its need for volunteers to take up roles, give some time, lend a hand sporadically etc.

Any help is greeted with open arms; it doesn’t need to be onerous. Appropriate training will be provided if required and you will enjoy seeing yours club flourish as a result.

If you want to know more about the roles and tasks we need to fulfill, speak to or email our Club Volunteer Coordinator.